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My Favorite Things

My dog Max ,an apricot colored Shitzu, I used to dress him in baby cloths!

My friend Aileen,we have known each other since 1st grade.

Summer, because I like going camping with my family and I really like swimming, and because thats when school is out!
My Grandma, she is a really cool person and always has time for me.

My brother (Don't let him know), I used to get mad at him and use his toothbrush to brush Max's teeth, that really upset my brother!!

Holidays, I liked when my aunt and uncle had Halloween party's for us kids. I also like Christmas and I love all the lights and stuff.

My favorite food's are Chinese and Mexican, mom would yell when I made burrito's and burnt the torillas. I like tea and kool-aid, but my favorite drinks are milk and Pepsi.

I love watching Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze, and Sarah Plain and Tall with Glenn Close
For t.v shows I watch Full House, Saved by the Bell, and America's Funniest Videos.

My favorite color is Hunter Green, mom painted my room this color for me, and almost everything I own is Hunter Green.

My favorite flower is Roses.

I also like to collect porcelain dolls.